Tips for Rendering Poser Hair
In Poser Pro 2014

Note: The following thoughts concern strand-based hair created in Poser's Hair Room, not modelled/trans-mapped hair created outside Poser. Hair Room hair is of far more interest to me, because I believe it has much more potential for realism, given the proper settings.

One of the special challenges of rendering Poser hair using IDL (Indirect Lighting) is that at this point, the program generates artifacts with the IDL–dynamic hair combination. These tips are aimed at getting the best out of Poser Pro 2014 hair renders, while understanding the tradeoffs between quality, render time, and unwanted artifacts.

I must qualify at the outset that different environments and lighting setups may yield different results, even on the same machine and installation of Poser. So for the record, the particular setup in question here contains the following:

Not all my findings are documented here, but here are some things I have learned.